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Drum Liners for HAZMAT Containment and Control

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Atlantic Poly Drum liners in Providence, RI

When containing hazardous materials, drum liners provide an extra level of safety against leaks and spills. If you need to segregate chemical contents from other waste products, drum liners can be used to separate them. We produce the highest quality drum lines at true value pricing. We’ve supplied American business with value drum liners for years now, and we can for you also!

Exposures of potentially dangerous chemicals or materials are a common incident in any industrial setting. This raises health concerns to workers and can be hazardous to the environment as well.

There are several regulations concerning hazardous chemicals and materials handling. Whether in industrial, manufacturing, and healthcare settings, managers should stringently follow these safety protocols. These hazardous chemicals, like fuels and asbestos, can pollute the air and cause health issues so it only makes sense that extra precautions must be upheld.

Polyethylene Plastic Drum Liners are a step toward additional security against leaks and spills.

If you are looking for a high-quality drum liner supplier, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We provide affordable and environmentally-friendly method for storing, mixing and transporting hazardous materials and waste.

PALLET WRAPS: Save Product Packaging Cost While Reducing Waste

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, January 16, 2021
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Pallet wraps

We manufacture the most functionally and cost effective poly packaging products in America. For years now, business across America have turned to us an abundant array of poly products designed to both package individual commodity products as well as to bulk package them for transport and delivery. A staple element of our product production is our that year-in and year-out have moved American commerce from coast-to-coast at the most affordable cost for pallet wrap available.

Pallet wrapping is critically important eliminate damaged during the shipment process. All business owners know the damage to both reputation and to profitability when their commodity products fail to be delivered in perfect condition. Our pallet wrap secures products from shifting and rubbing. Lesser quality poly products do not deliver the tension strength of ours. Rest assured users of lesser products pay a stiff price in shipping loss and profitability.

We’d love to discuss with you personally the huge value that is Atlantic Poly’s wide array of poly products that include (but are not limited to poly bags, bubble pack, pouches, film, and liners. For more information on our huge array of poly wrap and other products, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

SHRINK FILM: For Versatile and Strong Product Packaging

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, January 09, 2021
Atlantic Poly - Shrink Film

Shrink wrap film is the most in-demand packaging product for wrapping food, gift baskets, boxes, toys, books, etc. This is because it builds strength in packaging and clings to the items and does not require any force to stretch. It has superb clarity and very accurate tear-resistance. With just a roll of shrink film and a heating source, it completes the standard secured quality of being water-resistant, protects the product during adverse weather conditions, and tamper-resistant.

There are enormous benefits of Shrink wrap film. On top of all, it protects and preserves the product of this packaging film. Because of its puncture resistance, it handles the items from sharp edges and reduces the chance of damages to the product during shipment. Worth mentioning, the shrink film increases the shelf life of perishable items. Further with shrink film it adds and improves the visual appeal of the product packaging. Not only does it add various colors and designs to wrap the products but also add more style and with the nutritional information on the package it encourages and catches more attention from buyers.

The beneficial impact of Shrink film is its flexibility and strength that is developed in the packaging. Further, the usability of this film makes it an ideal option because it is being customized to the product being wrapped. The much-desired visibility on the packaging gains more impact more so its protective hold on the product meets customer standards.

For more tips on Shrink Film, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

PALLET WRAP: Your Highest Quality and Value Wrapped Into One

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Atlantic Poly Custom Pallet Wrap - Boston, MA

With the current changes in the packaging industry, there are some developments that focus on the increasing demand for the consumer preference in utilizing pallets for transporting goods. The demand for pallet wraps have increased due to their high quality and elegance in one wrap that makes them suitable for transport over a long distance. The challenge, as always, is to discover a source for pallet wrap that passes both the quality and value tests. Atlantic Poly based here in Boston passes both tests!

Pallet wrap is increasingly in demand because of its capability to protect goods against physical abuse, moisture, dust, rust, rodents, and a host of other environmental conditions that threaten product movement and storage. As such in order to ensure total protection, pallets are being used in the wrapping of goods to ensure the total stability of the load. There are some wrapping machines that specialize in handling and picking pallet loads of different weights and of different heights. In this way, the packaging products are firmly arranged, wrapped together in order to prepare and secure the goods for a long shipment.

Top-quality pallet wraps are highly elastic. It is able to stretch out and then pull back in, giving its unique characteristics compared to other plastic wrappings. It is very convenient to use as it secures and it stretches onto the goods on a pallet, wrapping tightly so as to place the goods in one position which makes it elegant in one wrap.

For more tips on Pallet wrap, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Warm Holiday Greetings To You All

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Happy Holidays From Atlantic Poly, Inc

Warm Holiday greetings to you all. We write this note to you with joyous confidence that 2021 will bring happier, healthy, and more profitable days to us all! That wish is certainly a cause for optimistic celebration this Holiday season.

Our Holiday gift to you is the gift of small business in your community. To be able to buy locally is a true gift to your neighborhood as well as to your family and friends. We hope that everyone reading this takes a measured effort to buy local to the fullest extent possible, not only during this Holiday season but going forward as well.

Buying local is one of the best gifts you can give to your neighbors and your community. Visit a local restaurant, salon, store, or shop for better relationships and better customer service; but more so you can shake the owner’s hand and wish them the best in 2021 and beyond. That will be a gift for you both. Help make this a joyous holiday for everyone: Give the gift of your business to a local business.

We wish you and your entire family happiness, health, and warmth this Holiday season. Our warmest regards to you all.

POLY TUBING: Effortless and Sustainable in Packaging

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Atlantic Poly tubing in Boston, MA

Polyethylene tubing is the most common plastic used in commercial packaging. Atlantic Poly is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the most high quality and value priced poly tubing products on the market today.

There are countless packaging applications in which poly tubing is a perfect solution. If you ship anything as part of your business model, chances our poly products stand to serve as a means for you to safely and affordably move your goods. Low-density polyethylene is commonly used in many products because it is cost-effective, easy handling, and an excellent moisture barrier. It is also noted for its effortless low sealing temperatures which many prefer to use. It has the quality of high elongation that gives it strong resistance to puncture and tears. And for wrapping heavy pointed objects thick tubing or thick bags will be used for full protection of the product. This guarantees excellent puncture resistance without sacrificing clarity.

Another main characteristic of poly tubing is being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Having a low carbon footprint and being lightweight offers the huge benefits that make Polyethylene tubing the preferred choice of most companies. And as a form of closure for poly tubing the use of heat in sealing the ends makes it perfect in packaging the product effortlessly.

For more tips on Poly tubing, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Quality and Affordable Shrink Film from Boston’s Top Manufacturer

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 09, 2020
Atlantic Poly - Shrink Film

Most businesses' favorite choice in packaging uses shrink film. It is economical packaging that is reliable in packing the products properly, safely, and strongly that fits well the products. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of benefits. It is the reason why it is considered as any-time plastic packaging because of its enormous uses and beneficial impact.

Shrink film is the most reliable and dependable packaging being used nowadays. Being a do-it-all plastic packaging, when the heat is applied to shrink wrap, it creates a very tight seal. This plastic seal protects the shrink-wrapped contents. Once the package is sealed, the items are no longer exposed to the damage that will be caused by dust, dirt, or moisture. Being anytime plastic packaging it will wrap around any object, regardless of size or shape. Then heat will be applied to the surface that causes the plastic to shrink. As it shrinks, it fits or adjusts to whatever shape the object and seals itself. While there are some businesses that use a shrink wrap to pack larger loads they use a shrink wrap machine that will pack, heat, and seal all at the same time.

The ultimate benefit of shrink wrap is it protects fully well the shrink-wrapped contents. Its durability is capable of enduring tear and puncture due to its sturdy, durable plastic. And because the content-packed is visible, any tampering will be noticed immediately. This is the reason why most drug companies are using shrink wrap to pack their products as well as the food manufacturers.

For more tips on shrink wrap, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Thanksgiving Reflections from Our Team to Yours

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 20, 2020
Thanksgiving Reflections from Our Team to Yours

We have all been challenged this year. But, never have we felt closer to our family, staff, customers, and vendors. For this we can give Thanks. The Covid-19 pandemic challenged our business as it did each and every business across our great nation. But, we would like to share with you the positives that came out of this experience.

Our families, our staff, our customers, and our vendors all remind us of the blessing it is to own and operate. The support that you have all provided, and continue to provide, during one of the most troubling and challenging times in American history is nothing short of humbling. That we in our own way returned some of that support to you has us arriving this Thanksgiving season with a deeper appreciation for our relationship with you. We move forward with an extraordinary focus to ensure that the quality of our service meets your needs, expectations, and earns your continued and highly valued trust. We do this with confidence that, together, we all will make it through the unique challenges that lay ahead.

In many ways we have more to be thankful for this year than ever before. This Thanksgiving season, we continue to reflect, recognize, give thanks, and be warmed by you all. As always, we invite you to contact us anytime with ideas, questions, and/or concerns. Thank you, and sincere "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes to you all!

Corrugated Boxes: Preferred Packaging for Shipped Items

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 13, 2020
Atlantic Poly Corrugated Cardboard Boxes in Providence, RI

Couriers and shipping companies should stock up on corrugated boxes especially during the holiday season. Shopping online is now the trend and also many people ship presents to relatives in far places. Corrugated boxes are sturdy packaging material that has the capacity to accommodate items in large quantities.

Atlantic Poly carries a wide selection of corrugated boxes to ensure safe, secure delivery for all your products. These (RSC) Regular Slotted Cartons are made from 200lb. test corrugated and are great for mailing, shipping, or storage of your product. It can protect your items from damage and ensure they are intact until they reached their destination. They are approved for use with United States Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex, Truck, or Ground shipping. Also, they are low-cost, thus, preferred by many customers of shipping companies.

Check out our corrugated boxes and many of our other polyethylene products today. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact Atlantic Poly, Inc and we'll be glad to assist you in any manner possible.

Discount Shrink Films: Perfect Packaging Solution That Gives Visual Impact On The Product

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 06, 2020
Atlantic Poly Discount Shrink Films: Perfect Packaging Solution That Gives Visual Impact On The Product

Anything that is wrapped and visible to the end consumer’s eyes makes your choice of shrink film all the more important. Just like low quality shrink film looks weak, wrinkled, and untrustworthy, high quality shrink film like that manufactured here at Atlantic Poly will deliver just the opposite effect. When you protect your end-products with the highest quality shrink wrap, your end-products scream first class, protected, and professional. We can help you and your deliveries deliver that effect.

Discount Shrink Films are very convenient to use and also offer a lot of benefits. The product which is shrinks wrapped results in a very tight seal due to the heat applied and its contents are well protected. Once the shrink wrap is sealed, the items are no longer vulnerable to the damage that will be triggered by dust, dirt, or moisture. The versatility of shrink bags is increasingly popular because the plastic film has the capability to wrap around any object regardless of its size and shape. Heat is an important factor in wrapping since it is applied to the surface which causes the plastic to shrink. And as it shrinks, it adjusts to the shape of the object and seals itself.

The product which is shrinks wrapped is well protected and secured because of its sturdy and durable plastic. It has a strong resistance to tear or puncture. Compared to other materials which easily break due to brittleness but the shrink wrap has the capability to endure the sun or extreme cold and does not loosen or sag. Lastly due to its visibility of the shrink-wrapped product, any tampering is easily noticeable. And some type of shrink wrap changes color once it has been stretched or the sealed items have been touched.

For more tips on Shrink bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.


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