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American Made, American Quality Pallet Wrap Solutions

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 23, 2020
Atlantic Poly Custom Pallet Wrap - Boston, MA

In any commodity production business, pallet wrapping plays a major role in protecting your product from the end of the manufacturing process to delivery to the client. Product and reputation can be severely damaged if the product is not properly secured during transit. We manufacture and deliver highly effective and value priced pallet wrapping to the far reaches of the United States and have done so for years now.

Extreme care in the stacking of load is made once preparing the pallet for wrapping to ensure that it is well stacked and well arranged. It has to be consistently arranged in layers and fixed so as not to rotate during shipment. The height of the stacked load is considered in order to avoid rotation during transport. The alternative is using a machine if needed or reducing the height of the load for the machine to wrap it completely. Another consideration is the weight of load. It is necessary to place the heaviest products at the bottom of the pallet and put the lightest stuff on top. There is a tendency that if weight distribution is wrongly placed, it will crush or damage the product. Adding more, ensure that the pallet where the load is placed does not overhang or sit inboard. Any excess in the pallet size will cause damage to the product.

Focusing the details in Pallet wrapping especially in the stacking of load is the primary concern that will lead to a successful shipment of any product. Once the pallet wrapping is completely done with the right technique and stacking, the efficiency level in pallet wrapping will improve and contribute to the company operation expenses for lesser labor costs and staff related health and safety concerns.

For more tips on Pallet wrap, contact Atlantic Poly.

Bubble Wrap or Pack: Best Protection for Shipped Items

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 16, 2020
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

Online business is booming as many people now prefer to shop online and have their goods delivered right to their doorsteps. Whether you are an online retailer or a manufacturer, bubble wraps are a useful packaging material that will protect your products during shipping.

Your products are prone to damage during transport. Thus, you need to secure it and apply a protection with the use of bubble wrap or pack. If you have fragile items, bubbles wrap can keep the product intact and serve as a cushion so it won't be damaged or break during handling and shipping. It will provide extra protection so your goods will arrive safe to its destination.

Bubble bags can be custom-made. They are available in various sizes and weights. They are also convenient to use and are the perfect protection material for gadgets, electronics and other breakable items, keeping items secure and protected, unmovable and insulated.

If you are looking for a bubble wrap supplier, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Polyethylene Plastic Shrouds: Affordable Contaminant Control Solutions

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 09, 2020
Poly Plastic Shrouds, Customized Plastic Shrouds, Pallet Wrap, MA

Do you have equipment or end-products that mut be precisely protected from contaminants? Poly shrouds are the closes thing to establishing a clean-room like operation without the ridiculous expensive associated with establishing and managing clean rooms.

Our flexible plastic shrouds can be customized to cover objects of any shape and size. It's a perfect material that can offer full coverage for various items no matter the width, length, and height. They are also formfitting, thus, can be adjusted to stretch and conform to items' shape better. Plus, it can be tightened for a better safety shield. Indeed, it's a perfect packaging option for products with irregular shapes.

Since it can be customized, polyethylene plastic shrouds can come colored or simply clear plastics to tailor your distinct application. You may also imprint texts, graphics or logo on the shroud for advertising purposes. This makes poly shrouds a dual purpose packaging material as it can serve as a promotional tool while providing protection to your product.

For more information about poly shrouds and other polyethylene products you can use in your business, contact the Atlantic Poly.

If You Manufacture, We’ll Help You Affordably Package Your Products - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Atlantic Poly plastic grocery bag in Boston, MA

If you manufacture goods, we package your goods for shipment. If your property or plant requires protection from the environmental element, we seal, wrap and protect. We manufacture everything from plastic grocery/shopping bags to “Polyethylene roll off bin liners” and most everything in-between.

There is an application for Atlantic Poly products in every single consumer market. However, a number of specialized markets prove to be our biggest draws. They are:

We offer numerous unique product categories with multiple custom product offerings within each category. For example, our "Polyethylene Bags" product category spans thirteen different product offerings that range from Dry Cleaning Bags to Discount Shrink Film. Lean about each in detail by visiting our website’s product pages.

For more information about shrink films, contact Atlantic Poly.

GARMENT BAGS: Highly Affordable Clothes Protector

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 25, 2020
Atlantic Poly, Boston, MA -  Garment Bags

Garment bags are a great travel companion. Not only it maximizes your carry space while traveling but also protects your higher value clothing while in transit and without leaving them wrinkled or creased. Clothing is very expensive nowadays. As such it is important to keep them safe. And the best way to minimize damage and maintain the complete appearance of the clothing is by using the garment bags and covers that will make it highly protected and secured.

Using poly garment bags will help relieve some stress in storing your personal clothing. It will keep your clothes folded nicely in containers and help clothes reach to the point of destination organized, clean and well-kept. With garment bags it protects the delicate fabrics from moisture and heat and is safe for all fabrics. More so, it prevents your clothes from getting dust, moths or other unwanted elements during their out-of-season clothes in the closet. During travels utilizing the garment bags will safeguard your suits, dresses and shirts wrinkle-free while on travel since you will just hang the clothes in your car or compartment on the plane. And since the general rule is travel light, with garment bags it is lightweight and perfect for shipping and moving.

All clothes require full protection in the proper manner at all times. And the easiest and best way to cover them is by using the garment bags. There are various models of garment bags that are durable and will provide the full protection to your garments and most of all it is a highly affordable clothes protector.

For more tips on garment bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Types of Vinyl Pouches

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 17, 2020
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Vinyl Pouches, Boston, MA

As it pertains to your vinyl packaging requirements, you have options. Below we’ll introduce to you a variety of affordable and reliable vinyl packaging options we produce right here at Atlantic Poly:

  1. Drawstring - This style is perfect for bottled hair and skincare products like shampoo, body wash, or lotions.
  2. Slider - You may contain skincare products or cosmetics for slider-type vinyl pouches. Your customers will love this packaging because it is resealable.
  3. Handle - Handle-type vinyl pouches are easy to carry around. They are the perfect option as gift bags.
  4. Velcro - Velcro vinyl pouches are resealable like slider type, but the top has a flap which makes the packaging more appealing.
  5. Zipper - Zipper type vinyl pouches are perfect for top or side loading. It can be a perfect seal for vinyl pouches with handles.

Our vinyl packaging products are made from high-quality products and are tough from ordinary wear and tear. We can help you figure out the perfect type for your product that will make it more presentable and attractive. Simply contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. to get started.

BUBBLE WRAP: Extremely Good Packaging To Depend On

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 10, 2020
Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

In any business, the packaging is one of the biggest factors to be considered in making the product a success. The right packaging attracts sales and encourages consumers to buy the item. Bubble Wrap is an extremely good packaging that will keep your product safe during the delivery to the consumer and prevent the product from bouncing around or getting crushed during shipment. In the same way, it will keep the product safe in transporting from one place to another. Giving utmost consideration in the right packaging material for your product will pay off as it maintains the quality and appearance of goods.

Today, Poly Bubble Wrap is being used worldwide for packing enormous kinds of things due to its feature benefits and flexibility offered. It is commonly used in safeguarding sensitive and breakable items. The small bubbles hold air tightly between them to provide a cushioning layer to the fragile materials being wrapped. And during transit, it serves as an excellent barrier against minor to severe impacts on the goods that give extreme caution and safety to protect the product. In the case of accidental drops, Bubble wrap provides a strong shield and provides anti-breakage and anti-pressure effects to ensure the security of the product and maintains its quality and in perfect form.

Bubble wrap packaging is a reliable packaging solution that caters to rough handling and other factors that will cause damage to the product. While others use the Bubble wrap in packing electronic gadgets and other devices that need water-proofing in nature to prevent even the smallest water drops from seeping inside the package. Additionally, since it is made of plastic and the transparency makes it convenient to easily recognize different things kept inside without opening them adds more additional protection to the product. With Bubble wrap you will be enjoying limitless possibilities from usage, protection, reusability, security, numerous times of use, etc. in your packaging.

For more tips on Bubble wrap, contact Atlantic Poly.

PALLET WRAP: Excellent Option For Packing And Bundling Heavier Contained Load

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 27, 2020
Atlantic Poly Custom Pallet Wrap - Boston, MA

Manual stretch film is commonly used across virtual every American industry. For years now we served American business enterprise with the most durable, effective, and affordable custom made poly shrouds.

There are many ways to pallet wrapping your products and goods for shipment. We offer multiple variants of Pallet wrap to choose from. The cast pallet wrap will cling to the items and it offers great clarity which allows the user to see the wrapped products. It also provides good tear resistance and does not require much force to stretch. Cast stretch film provides two-sided cling that allows the wrap to stay securely packaged. While the other is a blown type of pallet wrap. This pallet is manufactured in a different way and has greater load holding power. Same with cast pallet wrap it offers a high tear resistance that even with sharp or rough edges it will be more secure with this wrapping. However, the only difference is in the blown type you will not see the products through the wrap.

Pallet wrap is a very effective and efficient way to wrap pallets for storage, shipping, and distribution. With a stretch film solution, it has enormous benefits in preventing load tampering, theft, protection from moisture and dust, and totally minimizes the loss of products. Further UV protection will help extend the life of the stretch film when stored in the sun. This becomes an excellent option for packing and bundling heavier uniform contained loads.

For more tips on Pallet wrap, contact Atlantic Poly.

POLY TUBING: Excellent Packaging Option For All Commodities

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 17, 2020
Atlantic Poly tubing in Boston, MA

Poly tubing is considered one of the most versatile packaging materials. It is the most common plastic in the world. Most of our polyethylene bags and tubing are made from low-density polyethylene which is used in many large selections of products and is preferred in packaging for many reasons. It is highly noted to offer low cost, easy processing, and an excellent moisture barrier. More so, it is also an FDA approved for use in food and beverage applications.

In wrapping and protecting heavy pointed objects normally uses thick bags or tubing to ensure full product protection. With poly tubing it ensures excellent puncture resistance without sacrificing clarity. Another common the preferred use of polyethylene tubing and bags is that it is easily closed using different methods. Most businesses use staples to close bags and tubing while others used twist ties. While the most common form of closure for both poly tubing and poly bags are heat sealing the end. Impulse sealers are used to obtain an airtight seal to protect products from moisture and other exterior elements. In addition, it is preferred due to its low sealing temperatures and being high elongation makes the poly tubing great for resisting punctures and tears.

Polybags come in all shapes and sizes and usually closed with tape, ties, or even zip locked. It is an excellent choice for a large selection of products such as food and hardware. There are options to choose from for poly bags like flat poly bags and poly zip lock bags. The sealing purposes of flat poly bags will work most in flat wire sealers. And the ziplock bags are easy to close bags that will be closed by hand. All poly bags are food safe and an excellent option for food packaging.

For more tips on Poly tubing, contact Atlantic Poly.

SHRINK FILM: An Affordable Packaging Essential

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 10, 2020
Atlantic Poly SHRINK WRAP Boston, MA

There are various consumer goods such as electrical and electronic gadgets, gift packs, toys, compact discs and many more that you will never see without the secured stretch and shrink films wrapped on it. With the increasing demand for more packaging solutions in order to deliver goods in any parts of the world, shrink films are expected to increase the demand. Surprisingly its use in the food and beverage industry will not be disregarded since the shrink film’s ability to endure at a wide temperature range is of high advantage.

Shrink film or shrink wrap being a versatile polymer material is used for the packaging of finished goods. In order to give more relevance to the use of this Shrink film, understanding the types of shrink film for use will give a brief background of the right film for use. Hence protecting and securing products for retail and shipping background films used in shrink wrapping like Polyvinyl chloride and Polyolefin are of great advantage. Each of these materials features different capabilities and characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications. The Polyvinyl chloride, is known for its durability and used in applications like construction projects and house ware products. While the Polyolefin shrink film is extremely durable and versatile and has superb clarity and glossy shelf appearance. This shrink film is ideal for consumer products for which presentation is critical. It is also an FDA-approved food-safe material. This shrink film has superb puncture resistance and seal strength that helps protect irregularly shaped items throughout its supply chain lifecycle.

The versatility of Shrink wrap film is enormous and it is available in various types, thicknesses, and strengths wherein it will stand alone in use or together with one another to create the correct type of layering and protection for your product. It is puncture proof that it provides 100% protection and designed to minimize space as well as bundled items close together. As such the improvement is so fast that compared to other packaging materials Shrink film will be a very affordable choice.

For more tips on Shrink films, contact Atlantic Poly.


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